ActiVision Strategic Management Solutions

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Our team will partner with your teams, in improving your performance and increasing your value-added

ActiVision Value Propositions

ActiVision provides a bridge between present challenges and your team's target future.

  1. University Customers
    A University or College seeking to develop an external partnership for a variety of needs, such as new program market research, program development, program review, student advising or counseling, or international student recruitment, engagement and retention challenges? The ActiVision team is ready to provide cost-effective, professional support.
  2. Corporate Customers
    Have you recognized strategic and operational planning training requirements, or a compelling need for web-page or program brochure content writing? Do you need specialized procurement assistance? Call upon the resources of our team members, each with extensive experience in higher education and corporate management.
  3. Higher Education Sector Transformation
    The higher education sector is in the process of transformative change on a worldwide basis, across areas that range from governance, academic freedom, teaching and research productivity measurement, instructional design, social and other media marketing, student affairs management, competence representation, and the wise use of external partnerships.
  4. Quality Assurance
    The global changes underway include increasing emphasis upon quality assurance, accompanied by the application of qualifications frameworks, dynamic demand for new or updated programs, outcome assessment, accountability, and the expansion of for-profit private higher education, combined with the 'privatization' of revenue sources within public higher education sectors.
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    Understand Customers
    Getting to know your demographic is the most important stage.
  2. 2
    Design for the customer
    Don't fall into the trap of making your product work for you - design for the customer.
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    Clear, concise targeted communications are key for reaching your customer.
  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director

ActiVision's Philosophy

​The ActiVision philosophy is that once an organization has determined its core competence, the development of external partnerships - whether project-based or time-framed - can be mutually beneficial. We focus upon support or training consultancy functions, whether within higher education or in other organizational sectors, where our team has the competences to add value in a way that delights customers.

Consultancy Support

​A corporate or governmental organization looking for consultancy support to build infrastructure, or to meet a pressing need in areas such as human resource or organizational development, marketing or project management? The ActiVision team's successful international experience in such areas provides the foundation for a productive partnership, focused on your needs.

ActiVision's Track Record

​Completed international team consultancies include human resource development, leadership development, project identification, feasibility studies, project preparation and management, tourism marketing, and organizational development, in countries such as Malaysia, Mauritius, India, South Africa and Botswana. The ActiVision team has also made contracted leadership and management interventions within universities in the USA and abroad, across areas such as accreditation, program review, student recruitment, engagement and retention challenges, strategic planning and positioning, board member development, and international education.

Team-Building at ActiVision

​For ActiVision, team-building begins at home. Should you have the competences and background to be considered as a possible team-member, send a resume to our Human Resources Director.

 ​Contact Us

​We are always glad to discuss potential partnerships, with no commitment, Contact us at [email protected] or at +001 904 868-2551.